1991 Gentaz-Dervieux Cote-Rotie Cuvee Reservee Cote Brune #111906657


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Marius Gentaz in the cellar providing a barrel sample

About Gentaz-Dervieux

Gentaz-Dervieux wines are the stuff of legends in the Côte Rotie region, and their scarcity and exceptional quality have elevated them to the status of some of the most sought-after wines in the world. Produced from old Syrah vines, some of which are close to 60 years old, these wines possess a depth and complexity that is truly remarkable.

The vineyard holdings of Gentaz-Dervieux were primarily located in the La Landonne lieu-dit, known for its steep terraced slopes on the Cote Brune. This prime terroir, coupled with the age of the vines, contributed to the unique character of the wines. The estate also had vineyards in the Cote Brune and Vialliere lieu-dits, further expanding the range of expressions they could produce.

Marius Gentaz, the driving force behind the estate, adhered to traditional winemaking practices that accentuated the purity and elegance of the grapes. The harvests took place in the early morning hours when the grapes were naturally chilled by the cold air, preserving their freshness and minimizing oxidation. The grapes were vinified in cement vats without destemming, a technique that allowed for greater extraction of the grape's essence.

After fermentation, the wine was blended with the press wine, adding complexity and structure. The aging process took place in used oak barrels, some of which were rumored to be over a century old. This extended aging in old barrels allowed the wines to develop depth and nuance without imparting excessive oak flavors. The use of older barrels also contributed to preserving the wine's primary fruit characteristics.

One notable aspect of Gentaz-Dervieux wines was their individual bottling by hand. While this added an element of bottle variation, it also emphasized the artisanal nature of the production and highlighted the uniqueness of each bottle.

The resulting wines are nothing short of extraordinary. They display a captivating bouquet of floral aromas, black fruits, spice, and hints of minerality. On the palate, the wines exhibit a remarkable balance between power and finesse, with refined tannins and a long, persistent finish. They have the capacity to age gracefully, with some vintages showing their best after several decades in the cellar.

Due to their rarity and exceptional quality, Gentaz-Dervieux wines command astronomical prices in the market. The combination of limited availability, outstanding vineyard holdings, and traditional winemaking techniques has solidified their status as some of the most collectible and revered wines from the Rhône Valley.

While the domaine no longer exists, the legacy of Gentaz-Dervieux lives on through the remaining bottles that serve as a poignant reminder of the winemaking prowess and devotion to tradition exhibited by Marius Gentaz and his family.

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