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2010 Soldera (Az. Agr. Case Basse) Sangiovese Toscana IGT #157568966


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Jancis Robinson

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Gianfranco Soldera of Montalcino

About Soldera (Az. Agr. Case Basse)

Established in the picturesque Montalcino region of Tuscany, Case Basse Winery is a beacon of quality and innovation in viticulture. Founded by the late Gianfranco Soldera and his wife Graziella, the torch has now passed to their children, Monica, Paolo, and Mauro, who faithfully continue the rigorous tradition of only marketing wines of years that meet the family's high quality benchmarks.

With a steadfast commitment to organic viticulture dating back to the 1970s, Gianfranco Soldera was among Tuscany's first vintners to reject the use of pure yeast and chemical fertilizers. By pioneering a holistic ecological concept that includes an intricate ecosystem for growing excellent grapes, Case Basse has harmonized modern techniques with traditional cultivation practices.

The vineyards stretch over 23 hilly hectares at an altitude of 320 meters and enjoy a south-west exposure, contributing to the production of superior quality grapes. Under the stewardship of Soldera, the winery has been a hub for numerous academic research projects that focus on improving wine production.

Their quest for balance between past experience and relentless innovation results in wines that perfectly echo their terroir. The region's dry, sunny, and fogless climate, coupled with constant air movement, consistently produces healthy, high-quality grapes that transform into long-lived, noteworthy wines.

Harvesting is executed by hand to select the finest fruit, with fermentation occurring in large Slavonian oak vats using naturally present wild yeasts. This commitment to close monitoring and the avoidance of small barriques enhances the maturation process and enriches the eventual wine-drinking experience.

Soldera once claimed that wine was "the only edible natural product that can survive the life of a man." This ethos, along with the winery's dedication to organic and sustainable production, has ensured that the pure Sangiovese wines of Case Basse offer harmony, elegance, complexity, and naturalness. They are time-honored treasures for wine enthusiasts that promise unparalleled enjoyment for many decades to come.

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