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2012 Giuseppe Quintarelli Cabernet Alzero #157670864


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Reviews 96 points Wine Advocate "The Quintarelli Giuseppe 2012 Cabernet Alzero (packaged in a heavy glass bottle) is a stunning wine that delivers a level of cautious brawn, intensity and fruit weight that sets this wine apart within the portfolio. The blend is 40% Cabernet Franc, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon and 20% Merlot, and the grapes all undergo a few months of appassimento. I've been asked about possible perception of VA (volatile acidity) that can sometimes appear in wines made with air-dried fruit. As a much-respected Italian colleague once told me, serve a dare spalla, (it gives a shoulder to the wine), and I can't help but admire the beautifully lifted and upright quality of the bouquet that appears especially radiant and buoyant in this wine. The magic, whatever it is, works. (ML)"

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Guiseppe Quintarelli: The King of Amarone

About Giuseppe Quintarelli

The passing of Guiseppe Quintarelli shook the wine world over a decade ago. Antonio Galloni of Vinous magazine wrote that Guiseppe “left a huge void in the wine world that isn't likely to ever be filled,” and that his “life-changing wines [...] had no equal”.

That said, Guiseppe Quintarelli, or “The Father of Amarone,” is more than one man, and the name stands for many things. From multiple passes in the vineyard to pick at perfect ripeness, to drying the grapes on straw mats, to handwritten labels, to the wine in the bottle, Quintarelli is the benchmark for soulful Amarone. This Domaine represents wines of the highest quality, tradition, patience, perfectionism, and, most importantly, family.

The legacy of the family estate in the heart of Valpolicella is under the watchful eyes of Guiseppe’s daughter Fiorenza, his son-in-law Giampaolo, and his grandsons Francesco and Lorenzo. They continue to carry on the traditions of the great Guisseppe with wines that are intensely aromatic, deeply complex, and extraordinarily refined.

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