2016 Didier Dagueneau Pouilly-Fume Buisson Renard #103765428


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Didier Dagueneau world famous for his Silex Sauvignon Blanc

About Didier Dagueneau

Domaine Didier Dagueneau, established in the heart of Pouilly-Fumé in the village of Saint-Andelain, is recognized for its remarkable and distinct Sauvignon Blanc wines. Originally a fourth-generation winemaker, Didier Dagueneau pursued his vision of crafting exceptional wines outside the family domain. Learning from masters such as Edmond Vatan and Henri Jayer, he built his legacy around the idea of terroir-focused wines, which began in 1982 with his first parcel, En Chailloux.

Pushing boundaries was integral to Didier’s philosophy, whether experimenting with organic viticulture, natural fermentations, or unique barrel shapes. His rigorous standards manifested in the vineyards, where an unusually high workforce-to-vine ratio allowed meticulous care and low yield, akin to top Burgundy estates. This attention to detail was evident in the choice of low-vigor rootstock and massale selection cuttings for replanting, ensuring that each vine was carefully nurtured to express its inherent qualities.

Didier’s commitment to the purity of terroir is exemplified in the acclaimed Silex vineyard, celebrated for its mineral-rich, flinty clay soils. These soils lend the wines their precision, longevity, and intense mineral character, defining Silex as a paragon of the appellation.

Despite Didier's untimely death in 2008, his children, Louis Benjamin, and Charlotte, have faithfully upheld his rigorous standards, continuing the experimental spirit that made their father's wines legendary. They manage their vineyards with the same exacting care, pushing the boundaries of quality while remaining grounded in tradition. Their work across various vineyard holdings, including in Sancerre and Jurancon, has ensured that Domaine Didier Dagueneau's wines remain some of the world's most exceptional Sauvignon Blancs, offering an unparalleled fusion of terroir expression and meticulous winemaking.

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