2017 Elio Sandri Barolo Perno Vigna Disa Riserva #901067223


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Elio Sandri in the vineyard

About Elio Sandri

Hailing from the cool Piedmont region in Northwest Italy, Elio Sandri's winery gracefully overlooks the Swiss Alps from Monforte d'Alba. The Sandri family, farming in this foggy, hilly terrain since the late 1800s, produce a meager 2,000 cases of Barolo per annum, barely a quarter percent of the total Barolo production in the region. Elio Sandri, a devoted traditionalist in wine production, believes in minimal intervention and releases his wines later than most in the region, allowing them to benefit from bottle aging.

Elio Sandri's winemaking process is characterized by a gentle and unhurried approach. Grapes are harvested by hand at night and naturally fermented by native yeasts over months in the cold subterranean cellar. The process, which involves minimal extraction in stainless and concrete tanks before aging in neutral wooden Botte tanks, best expresses the unique terroir of their vineyards.

The entire Sandri vineyard is located in the Barolo region, nestled on a cooler, east-facing Perno hillside opposite Gaja. Sandri, an ardent non-interventionist, follows certified organic farming practices, forbids the use of sprays and plowing, and meticulously manages the vineyard to enhance the aromatic complexity and unique characteristics of each parcel. His vines are densely spaced and traditionally trellised to optimize for the cool and often foggy setting.

Elio Sandri, often regarded as one of the gurus of Barolo, operates his winery, Cascina Disa, with deep respect for tradition and land. He practices an entirely natural approach, relying on manual operations and minimal intervention in the vineyard and cellar. His vineyards are rich with biodiversity, contributing to a harmonious microclimate essential for his vines.

Elio Sandri produces several signature wines. These include the Barolo Perno (+Riserva), the Langhe Nebbiolo, and the Barbera d'Alba Superiore. All these wines are characterized by rich concentration, enduring length, strong tannins, classic Piedmontese acidity, and nuanced flavors derived from the unique terroir. Each bottle is a testament to Elio Sandri's philosophy of patience, respect, and traditionalism in winemaking.

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