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2018 Jean-Michel Stephan Cote-Rotie SO Brune #115819380


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Reviews 92 points Vinous "Inky ruby. Pungent dark berry, licorice, floral and game qualities on the perfumed nose. Spice-tinged cassis and bitter cherry flavors turn sweeter and pick up smoked meat and cracked pepper qualities as the wine opens up. Finishes long and smoky, with slowly mounting tannins and lingering gaminess. This one isn't for the faint of palate. (JR)"

Jean-Michel Stephan farms organically in Cote Rotie

About Jean-Michel Stephan

Bringing a new perspective to winemaking in the Northern Rhone, Jean-Michel Stephan is leading the way with his focus on natural, organic, and biodynamic practices. Born into a farming family, he has always been drawn to organic methods, and this passion extends to his winemaking. In the challenging terrain of the steep slopes of the Northern Rhone, machinery is simply not an option, making hand harvesting the only way to cultivate his Coteaux de Tupin parcel. Despite these difficulties, Jean-Michel remains steadfast in his commitment to sustainable winemaking practices.

The result of Jean-Michel's hard work and passion is a stunning Syrah that showcases his commitment to sustainability and the beauty of natural winemaking. The Syrah from Cote Rotie offers unmistakable freshness, purity, and balance, making it truly one-of-a-kind in the Northern Rhone. Discover the difference that sustainable winemaking can bring to your glass with Jean-Michel Stephan's exceptional wines.

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