2018 Les Dolomies Savagnin Cotes du Jura Arco #134423400


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Céline Gormally in the vineyard with her dog

About Les Dolomies

Les Dolomies, a winery established in 2008 by Céline Gormally, sits firmly on the foundation of sustainability and respect for nature. Overseeing a 5-hectare vineyard, Céline and her husband, Steve, apply organic and biodynamic principles to nurture their vines. The vineyards thrive on a unique geological formation of magnesium limestone, named dolomies, fostering deep root penetration and exceptional water storage.

The winemaking process at Les Dolomies revolves around wild fermentation with minimal sulfur use. The white wines undergo whole bunch pressing before maturing on fine lees in old Meursault barrels. In contrast, the reds receive a fully de-stemmed treatment. Each plot is bottled separately, emphasizing the unique qualities of the grapes grown there, an unconventional practice in Jura.

One such distinct wine is the Les Combes Chardonnay, originating from 70-year-old vines rooted in iridescent marls abundant in magnesium limestone. The Arco Savagnin comes from 35-year-old vines located in Nevy-sur-Seille, known for its rocky, clay-rich soil.

Les Dolomies also offers unique reds, such as the Madeleine Gamay, sourced from 20-year-old vines on a small 0.27ha parcel in Bréry. The La Cabane Pinot Noir hails from Fontenay, its vines planted on warm argilo-calcaire soil, a stark contrast to the cooler marlstone. Lastly, the C'est Bon Trousseau pays homage to a beloved friend with its expressive character derived from the Les Combes vineyard.

The winery focuses on crafting wines that accurately express their terroir, each reflecting the characteristics of its unique parcel. The wines ferment with native yeasts and age in neutral barriques with very little, if any, sulfur added. This straightforward approach highlights the distinctiveness of their vineyards, leading to an annual production of around 10,000 highly sought-after bottles. Despite stepping outside the Côtes-du-Jura AOC since 2016, Les Dolomies' commitment to terroir-expressive, sustainable winemaking remains unfaltering.

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