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2019 Dard et Ribo St. Joseph #155887438


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Dard et Ribo make natural wine Syrahs from Northern Rhone

About Dard et Ribo

Dard et Ribo is a winery that has been producing exceptional wines in the heart of the Rhône Valley for over 40 years. The winery is the result of a partnership between Rene-Jean Dard and Francois Ribo, two winemakers who are known for their singular Syrahs from the Northern Rhone. The winery is committed to traditional winemaking techniques and utilizes only the finest grapes picked at the peak of their ripeness.

What sets Dard et Ribo apart is their focus on sustainability and their commitment to creating truly unique wines. The winery operates with a strong commitment to preserving the environment, and they use sustainable practices in every step of the winemaking process. This commitment to sustainability combined with their use of traditional winemaking techniques results in wines that truly embody the essence of the Rhône Valley.

Dard et Ribo's wines are sought after by connoisseurs around the globe who prize their chewy, juicy, fresh Syrahs from Crozes-Hermitage and Ermitage. The winemakers have been making wine without sulfur when this method was practically unheard of, long before natural wine was a movement. This, along with their attention to detail, has helped to create truly one-of-a-kind wines that stand out from others.

We recommend seeking out their top label, “Les Baties,” for its potential for long-term aging, elegance, and purity of fruit. When you drink a bottle of Dard et Ribo, you will know it, as their wines are truly unique and provide a delicious and authentic taste experience for wine lovers everywhere.

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