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2019 Ferme de la Sansonniere (Mark Angeli) Les Gelinettes Grolleau Noir #159106524


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Mark Angeli of Ferme de la Sansonniere dry Chenin Blanc

About Ferme de la Sansonniere (Mark Angeli)

Ferme de la Sansonniere, owned by the talented winemaker Mark Angeli, is a small yet exceptional producer heart of France's Loire region. With a focus on traditional winemaking techniques and a deep respect for the local terroir, Ferme de la Sansonniere creates wines that are truly unique. Don't let the lack of an appellation on the label fool you, these Vin de France wines are some of the most compelling and exquisite Chenin Blanc being produced today.

Mark Angeli farms a 7-hectare estate with vines in Anjou, Coteaux-du-Layon, and Bonnezeaux, known historically for producing noble sweet wines. However, Mark Angeli had a different idea in mind, and he's now responsible for making some of the most captivating dry white wines in the area. Despite being estate grown, the AOC refuses to allow Mark to designate his prized La Lune and Les Vieilles Vignes des Blanderies with the AOC designation. Connoisseurs and critics alike don't mind this small detail, and Stephan Reinhardt of The Wine Advocate has even stated that these are "true and outstanding Anjou blanc from the Coteaux du Layon" and a "Vin de France only virtually but in fact a true and outstanding Anjou blanc."

At Ferme de la Sansonniere, Mark is committed to using only the finest quality grapes grown on the estate's vineyards and to utilizing minimal intervention winemaking techniques. This dedication to quality and authenticity is evident in every bottle of wine that Ferme de la Sansonniere produces. With limited production and a focus on quality over quantity, these wines are not just delicious but also truly special and unique. Whether you're looking for a special bottle to add to your collection or a gift for a fellow wine lover, Ferme de la Sansonniere's wines are sure to impress.

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