Our goal at SommPicks is simple - to share extraordinary, high value wines, the type of wines sommeliers (som-mel-yays) love. Led by our Founder, sommelier and entrepreneur Mike Zima, SommPicks allows members to access difficult-to-source wines and provides personalized attention throughout the discovery and selection process.

We scour the world to bring our members the absolute best of the best. We source wines from a growing number of producers, wine merchants, importers, suppliers and distributors, with provenance and pricing as our guide. Recently, we have expanded our offering of current release wines and focused on buying directly in Europe to offer our members sharper price points and wider selections.

It is our goal to bring you what we believe to be the world’s greatest wines – everything from the near impossible to find benchmarks to the unique, small production wines the average consumer may otherwise never hear of. Does that mean everything we offer is going to be super expensive, or produced by a historic Domain? Absolutely not. At SommPicks, we love to showcase the unsung heroes of the wine world - the epic producers making wine that flies under the radar, despite continuously outperforming the big names, our desert island wines.

The site is designed to be a place members can go for an amazing selection of really great wine, offered at fair prices. Every single selection is what we call, “epic juice.” If it's not something we can’t live without, at a price we wouldn’t pay ourselves, we won’t offer it.

Some people say you are what you eat. We say you are what you drink.  Drink like the pros and shop now.

Our Story – a letter from our founder, Mike Zima

After a number of years spent as a sommelier and wine consultant at some of the top restaurants in New York and Washington, DC, I started SommPicks with a small budget and a big vision – to share the “hidden gems” of the wine world  the wines I spend my own money on, the producers my colleagues and I obsess over, the geekiest and rarest wines that the average consumer may otherwise never have the opportunity to drink. With constant exposure to extraordinary micro-production wines, producer relationships and educational resources, I felt it was a shame to only share with restaurant guests (who were forced to pay 3x what I ever would). And so, SommPicks was born. As our longtime members know, we’ve evolved significantly in the past few years (and surely have more work to do), but we’re always working towards the same goal – to bring our members extraordinary, high value wines, the type of wines we love.

I hope you enjoy the site as much as we do. We’re always looking for new ideas and welcome member feedback. In fact, if you have something you want me to know, just shoot me an email.

Looking forward to bringing you awesome wine memories for decades to come.




Great wine is better shared.

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