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Chateau Magdelaine estate

About Chateau Magdelaine

Chateau Magdelaine, located just outside the village of St. Emilion, produces traditional Bordeaux wine with a rich history. The estate was originally owned by the Chatonnet family in the 18th century but had fallen into neglect by the 1950s. In 1952, it was acquired by Jean-Pierre Moueix, who took on the task of replanting the vineyards and modernizing the winemaking.

The vineyard of Chateau Magdelaine spans 11.3 hectares and is planted primarily with Merlot, which accounts for 90% of the blend, along with 10% Cabernet Franc. The terroir consists of limestone and clay soil. The vineyard can be divided into two sections, with 6 hectares situated on the Saint Emilion limestone plateau and the rest on the slopes. The average age of the vines is around 35 years, with some plots dating back to the 1920s. The vine density is 6,000 vines per hectare.

In terms of winemaking, Chateau Magdelaine has utilized two laser sorting tables for grape selection since 2009. The winery employs thermoregulated concrete vats for fermentation, along with some stainless steel tanks added in 2004. There are no bleedings, and malolactic fermentation takes place in the tank. The decision regarding adding press wine is made during the aging process. The wine is then aged for approximately 18 months in about 40% new French oak barrels before bottling. The annual production of Chateau Magdelaine is close to 2,500 cases, and there is a second wine called Les Songes de Magdelaine.

Chateau Magdelaine is renowned for its classic, old-school style of Saint Emilion wine. Despite being predominantly Merlot, the wines are not overly fleshy or lush. Instead, they exhibit a lean, light, fresh, bright, and stern character. The vineyard's proximity to esteemed neighbors like Chateau Ausone, Chateau Belair-Monange, and Chateau Canon on the limestone plateau contributes to the wine's unique qualities.

However, it is worth noting that Chateau Magdelaine no longer exists as an independent entity. In 2012, it was absorbed by Chateau Belair-Monange, marking the end of an era. The final vintage of Chateau Magdelaine was produced in 2011, leaving behind a finite supply of highly regarded wines for their remarkable longevity and the characteristic aromas and flavors of violets, mulberries, cherries, forest floor, and bramble.

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