2008 Jacques-Frederic Mugnier Nuits St. Georges 1er Cru Clos de la Marechale #127227522


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The Clos de la Marechale vineyard of Jacques-Frederic Mugnier

About Jacques-Frederic Mugnier

Domaine Jacques-Frederic Mugnier, nestled in the heart of Chambolle-Musigny, Burgundy, has dramatically transformed since Frédéric Mugnier assumed the reins in 1985. His deliberate break from the family's past – once reliant on négociants and tenants – brought a fresh approach that has elevated the reputation and quality of the Domaine's wines. He pursued sustainable farming practices, built a new winery, and notably ended the Faiveley family’s lease on Clos de la Maréchale, thereby increasing the Mugnier holdings to 14 hectares.

Frédéric's approach to vinification is markedly different from the robust Pinot Noirs fashionable in the '90s. His dedication to a more delicate expression of the grape led him to de-stem 100% of his fruit and ferment using native yeasts, opting for a maximum of 25% new oak. By bottling his Pinot Noirs unfined and unfiltered, he ensures the wines capture the essence of their origin with utmost clarity and precision. These practices have given Mugnier wines a reputation for freshness, focus, and complexity, leading to their current sought-after status.

The Domaine’s history stretches back to the 1880s, initiated by Frédéric's great-great-grandfather, Francois. The original holdings, the product of astute acquisitions during the phylloxera crisis, have remained largely unchanged. Today, the domaine boasts some of the most coveted vineyards in Chambolle-Musigny, including the Musigny Grand Cru, Bonnes-Mares Grand Cru, Les Fuees, and Les Amoureuses premier cru vineyards.

In 2004, a significant change occurred when Frédéric regained control of Clos de la Maréchale, tripling the size of Domaine Mugnier overnight. This expansion required a scaling up of operations, including the construction of a new cuverie and the hiring of more vineyard workers.

At Domaine Jacques-Frederic Mugnier, the drive for purity of expression and respect for terroir is paramount. Guided by an engineer's reason and an artist's aesthetics, Frédéric seeks to produce wines that bear no signature but that of the vineyards themselves. His dedication to reasoned viticulture eschews simplistic organic labels for a nuanced approach to vineyard management, reflecting his philosophical pursuit of wines that capture the truest essence of their terroir. His are wines without a footprint, where the voice of the vineyard reigns supreme.

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