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2012 Marie et Pierre Benetiere Cote-Rotie Le Dolium #158058414


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Marie et Pierre Benetiere trained under Georges Vernay and produces a micro amount of Syrah from La Turque

About Marie et Pierre Benetiere

Pierre Bénetière is a legendary Côte-Rôtie winemaker, widely regarded as a unicorn producer crafting old-school and hard-to-find wines that showcase the terroir of his vineyards. Although he has only a few acres of organically farmed vineyards, he is a true artisan who has been driven by his love of vine for nearly three decades. He is a traditionalist in winemaking, practicing traditional methods like whole-cluster fermentations, neutral oak, and natural yeasts.

Bénetière's two wines are Dolium and Cordeloux. Dolium is a two-barrel production from the famous La Turque vineyard. Cordeloux is a blend of grapes from La Turque and a ~3.5 acre plot climat named Corps de Loup in the southern part of Côte-Rôtie. The steep terraces were carved out and subsequently planted by Pierre decades ago, with vines that are now almost 30 years old. The soils are predominantly granite with schist and sand, which is locally known as arzelle, famous in neighboring Condrieu.

Pierre's philosophy for viticulture is simple: The less I go in the vineyard, the better for me. His grapes are always hand-harvested since the steep terrain requires it. The grapes are left on their stems, and fermentation is triggered with natural yeasts. To further cement his traditional style, Pierre adds 5% Viognier into the final blend for enhanced aromatics. The wine ages in mostly used oak (15% new) for 18-22 months and is bottled without fining or filtering.

Overall, Pierre Bénetière is a passionate winemaker who personifies his love of vine in every bottle. His wines are unique, elegant, precise, aromatic, and polished, representing a stellar value and a prime opportunity to taste these treasured terroirs at a fraction of the price compared to other producers who make wines from these premium vineyards.

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