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2013 Savart Champagne Premier Cru Le Mont Benoit #97036659


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Savart Champagne

About Savart

Savart Champagne has recently become a sought-after wine among sommeliers. The family estate is run by third-generation winemaker Frederic Savart, who works with his father, Daniel, to manage their vineyards in Ecueil, a Premier Cru village in northwestern Montagne de Reims.

Ecueil boasts sandy soils, ideal for growing Pinot Noir, which covers nearly all of Savart's four acres, with only a small parcel of chalky soil dedicated to Chardonnay. Frederic's winemaking philosophy combines traditional and non-interventional techniques to showcase the fruit and terroir in the glass. He allows malolactic fermentation to occur naturally and uses a mix of stainless steel and oak barrels for aging. Savart Champagne is praised for its purity, vibrant fruit, and intellectual character, making it a popular choice for many top wine lists, thanks to its food-friendly nature.

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