2014 Michel Gahier Chardonnay Arbois La Fauquette #115843560


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Michel Gahier in the vineyard

About Michel Gahier

Rooted in the heart of Jura, Michel Gahier is a dynamic wine producer who, along with his family, has dedicated generations to cultivating the region's distinctive terroirs. Owning a 7.5-hectare vineyard in Montigny-les-Arsures, just outside of Arbois, Michel has taken the lead from his forebears, pioneering in organic farming and embracing the production of vin naturel. This commitment to natural winemaking has led to some of the most intriguingly complex and fresh wines in the region.

Michel's approach to viticulture is holistic. Using three horses to till his vineyard, he lets native cover crops grow freely between his vines, asserting that the earth chooses the plants it wants. This harmonious relationship between man, land, and vine contributes to the distinctive character of his wines, which are a clear expression of their terroir.

His Trousseau from the Grand Vergers vineyard is particularly noteworthy, where old vines grow in heavy clay and limestone soils, akin to a Burgundy 1er cru. The Trousseau, aged in a combination of acacia and American oak barrels, offers a delicacy and depth that beautifully encapsulates the essence of this grape. With notes of pomegranate, cherry, rhubarb, and autumn leaf, this wine embodies the lively, nervy character typical of Jura's Trousseau yet goes beyond, offering a fascinating complexity that captures and retains the palate's attention.

The Le Clousot Trousseau, sourced from Michel's younger vines, stands out for its vibrancy and light smoky nuances. Despite its youthfulness, this wine, produced without any added sulfur, reveals an intriguing depth, making it very approachable and enjoyable.

His Chardonnay, Les Follasses, from a high-elevation limestone vineyard, exudes an ethereal quality, mingling fruity and dry elements in a pleasing balance, while La Fauquette, made from the unique Melon a Queue Rouge grape, captures the nutty spiciness of sous voile winemaking.

Overall, Michel Gahier's wines, undeniably steeped in tradition yet daringly natural, epitomize the terroir of Jura, presenting an authentic taste of the region's unique wine heritage that will thrill both collectors and enthusiasts.

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