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2015 Pierre Gonon St. Joseph #79785060


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Pierre and Jean Ganon of Saint Joseph

About Pierre Gonon

Pierre Gonon is a highly respected producer of Syrah in France, renowned for the exceptional quality of their wines. The Gonon brothers, Pierre and Jean, have a unique and traditional approach to winemaking that sets them apart from their peers. They farm their low-yielding, ten-hectare vineyards by hand, ensuring optimal quality and the cultivation of grapes of the highest standard. This approach is evident in the complexity and character of their wines.

The Gonon brothers employ manual techniques such as crushing the grapes by foot and include stems during fermentation, adding to the unique character of the wines. These traditional methods, combined with their organic farming practices, result in wines with classic aromatics of black olive, violets, and game, as well as a freshness and delicacy that is representative of the region.

Jeb Dunnuck has praised Gonon as "unquestionably one of the leading derivatives in St Joseph" and notes that the estate is "run with incredible talent and passion" by the Gonon brothers. Their unique approach, combined with the exceptional terroir of the Saint Joseph region, makes Pierre Gonon's wines highly sought after by wine enthusiasts. I highly recommend trying a bottle of Pierre Gonon's Syrah, a true reflection of the Gonon brothers' passion and dedication to the art of winemaking.

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