2016 Fabio Gea Back Grin #103789063


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Fabio Gea in the vineyard

About Fabio Gea

Situated in the heart of Barbaresco, within Italy's prominent Piedmont wine region, Fabio Gea is a beacon of singularity amidst conventional viticulture and vinification. Gea, a former geologist, has revitalized the family vineyards initially chosen and nurtured by his grandfather, Nòtu. Though a mere one hectare in size, these vineyards are rich in variety and steeped in tradition, holding within them a slice of Piedmont's historical vine diversity.

Within Gea's small plot, the typical Piedmont Nebbiolo grape variety takes precedence, with a remarkable massal selection of nearly 15 different strains. Alongside Nebbiolo, Fabio cultivates the remaining legacy of a once 200-varietal region - Dolcetto, Barbera, and a touch of Grignolino. Remarkably, these vines coexist with fruit trees, promoting biodiversity and sustaining the vineyard's holistic health.

Gea employs minimal intervention tactics in both the vineyard and the cellar. His green approach includes low usage of sulfur and copper treatments and implementing plant-based remedies. The natural respect for the land, inherited from his grandfather, extends to his winemaking process. Veering from the excessive oak usage prevalent in the region, Gea has pioneered experimental maturation techniques using porcelain vessels, glass demijohns, and earthenware, some of which he personally designs.

Each wine Gea produces, whether a vibrant Grignolino or a classic Nebbiolo, resonates with intense, lively energy unparalleled in the region. Each bottle, adorned with handmade paper and hand-numbered in pencil, encapsulates a distinct expression of Gea's land and vision.

Some wines in his portfolio, like the Green Palma Barbera, DNAss Nebbiolo, and Nòtu Seguiva le Gocce Barbaresco Nebbiolo, showcase the unconventional lengths to which Gea will go in his pursuit of singular expression. His wines challenge traditional vinification methods, like vinifying underwater or exposing oak barrels to hot volcanic rocks instead of fire during barrel-making, creating unique tasting experiences and hinting at the depths of exploration yet to come from this fascinating producer.

Ultimately, Fabio Gea serves as a distinctive testament to the possibilities that arise from a respect for tradition coupled with a willingness to innovate. His wines provide a refreshing departure from the expected, drawing on a rich past while propelling Piedmont wine into a captivating future.

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