2020 Buisson-Charles Meursault Premier Cru Blagny La Piece sous le Bois #901251913


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Patrick Essa and his son Louis, 5th generation winemaker of Domaine Buisson-Charles

About Buisson-Charles

Domaine Buisson-Charles, a beacon of excellence in Burgundy, stands out for its mastery in balancing intensity and elegance, particularly in its Meursault offerings. The fifth-generation vintner, Louis Essa, continues the legacy of crafting bold wines with intensity, a hallmark initiated by his father, Patrick. This estate's vineyard holdings are remarkable, featuring predominantly old vines, some surpassing 100 years. These venerable vines are integral to the estate's philosophy of achieving deep concentration and complexity in their wines.

Their approach to viticulture is meticulous and organic, shunning practices like chaptalization and acidification. The estate's strategy of late harvesting allows for the development of full flavors while maintaining a harmonious balance of acidity. This is complemented by minimal intervention in the cellar, where the use of new oak is restrained, and the wines are refined in tanks prior to bottling. Such techniques ensure the wines exhibit crystalline fruit character.

Buisson-Charles’ portfolio includes a selection of outstanding Meursault terroirs, characterized by rich, textured, and floral profiles with impressive length. Among their holdings are prime parcels in some of Côte de Beaune's top vineyards, including over 65-year-old Village-level vines and a small parcel of Meursault Tessons. Their production also encompasses a few barrels each of four exceptional Premier Crus: Charmes, les Cras, Goutte d'Or, and Bouches-Chères.

Under the guidance of Patrick and now Louis Essa, the estate prioritizes terroir expression over winemaking influence, resulting in wines that are not only a reflection of their appellation but also a showcase of their distinct craftsmanship. Each bottle from Domaine Buisson-Charles is a testament to their unwavering commitment to producing some of the world’s most cherished and collectible Burgundies.

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