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2020 Yvon Metras Beaujolais #165191925


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Yvon and Jules Metras: Father and son winemakers

About Yvon Metras

Yvon Metras is a highly respected winemaker in Beaujolais, known for his exceptional wines crafted from the region's iconic grape variety, Gamay. His vineyards are situated in the heart of the prestigious Beaujolais AOC, where the terroir and climate are ideal for producing world-class wines with a unique character. The Metras family has been making wine for decades, with a deep understanding of the land and a passion for crafting wines that truly reflect the region's unique terroir.

In addition to Yvon, his son Jules Metras is also making a name for himself in the winemaking scene. With his first vintage in 2014, Jules has quickly gained recognition for his Beaujolais cuvees, which were recently imported to the United States. Both Yvon and Jules follow the low-intervention winemaking philosophy of Jules Chauvet, widely recognized as the Godfather of natural wine. They practice organic and biodynamic farming, which is evident in the purity and elegance of their wines.

Jules learned his techniques from his father, Yvon, who picks late for optimal ripeness and uses carbonic maceration to give the wine supple tannins and beautifully fresh aromatics. This unique method, along with their natural winemaking philosophy, allows for the production of Beaujolais with a distinct character and complexity. Yvon's wines are known for their finesse, while Jules' wines are dense and mineral-driven. With the combined experience of two generations, the Metras family is producing some of the most exciting and high-quality wines in Beaujolais. A must-try for any wine lover who wants to explore the diversity of Beaujolais wines.

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